Michael Curry Mosaics

Today I am looking at the incredible mosaic work of Michael Curry.  I just can’t believe what Michael creates with mosaics.  He is a master at color, shape, and dimension.

Projection, Metamorphamirror

In this design, large protruding tesserae are flanked by white tiles. Focused lighting projects color onto the white space and beyond, almost like paint dripping off of a canvas.   A variety of effects can be achieved simply by adjusting the lights.  Metamorphamirror, a modified version of this design, incorporates dichroic acrylic and creates dramatic color transformation as the viewing angle changes, making it a multifaceted piece of artwork.

Metamorphamirror, Michael Curry Mosaics

Metamorphamirror Private Installation, Michael Curry Mosaics

If you can’t view the video, CLICK HERE

Projected, Red Projection

Red Projection, Michael Curry Mosaics


With it’s asymmetrical silhouette inspired by the New York City skyline, Meld is made of colored mirror on a triangular canvas and is really three pieces in one.  Entirely gold when viewed from one angle and blue from the opposite angle, these two hues interact to create a mirage of green when viewed head on. It is particularly dramatic when displayed horizontally on a  wide wall, as the color change offers an element of surprise to passersby.   Meld can also be constructed in gold/green/chartreuse and gold/red/ orange.

Meld, Michael Curry Mosaics

Meld, Michael Curry Mosaics

Agua Fresca

This collection consists of hand cut stained glass tiles that are wet sanded, stood on edge, and flanked between two other tesserae.   A second layer of glass is then added for support and visual interest.  Standing glass tiles on edge not only allows them to catch light and reveal their true beauty, but also creates a unique and unconventional mosaic.

Agua Fresca, Michael Curry Mosaics

Agua Fresca installation, Michael Curry Mosaics


In this design, hand cut tiles are layered in rows running in opposite directions.  Combining white glass with clear architectural glass creates the illusion that the piece is frozen solid,  while overhead lighting adds depth and shadow. This piece can be created in a variety of colors as well.

Layered Glacier, Michael Curry Mosaics

Layered Glacier, Michael Curry Mosaics

About Michael Curry

Michael Curry

Putting a modern spin on the ancient art of mosaics, Michael Curry creates one of a kind glass wall sculptures for design teams, commercial settings, and private homes. He has devised innovative, three dimensional techniques to accentuate the dramatic interaction between glass and light. These hand cut mosaics offer hypnotic appeal as they create a sense of movement, melding both color and shape.

Originally from the Chicago area, Michael received his Master of Fine Arts from Florida State University, beginning his career in the theatre arena. After years of performing on Broadway, he expanded his creative horizons by studying with New York City glass artists Tommy Giambusso and Valerie Carmet.

Michael Curry Mosaics has a great website.  You need to go there to view ALL of Michael’s beautiful work.  I don’t know about you, but I’m adding Michael to my favorites list!


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