About Me

My name is Patricia Linthicum.  After working a number of years in the commercial glass industry, I wrote the 1st Looking At Glass blog post in July, 2010.  I use this blog to explore and share my interest in glass used in interior design and architecture.

In 2012, I founded The Glass Market, LLC.  The Glass Market is an online e-commerce store providing a convenient way to buy decorative glass online.  I am adding new products frequently, make sure you visit the site often.

Do you have a product that you would like to make available at The Glass Market? Email me at patricia@theglassmarket.com.


I currently live in Bahama, NC.

Education/Training:  computer programming, architectural technology, interior design

Work Experience:  computer/network technician, technology manager, drafter/designer, facade engineer, social media consultant, blog writer; Looking At Glass, the GLASS Quarterly Hot Sheet, Decorative Glass Magazine


7 Responses to About Me

  1. ilpomodoro says:

    i think it’s so fascinating that you are blogging about glass, who would’ve thought there is so much to say about it! I absolutely love this blog keep up the great work!

  2. Asia B says:

    great subject matter, i’m in love with glass myself…well done!!

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  4. peterjgillies says:

    Nice blog, what a huge amount of content I shall be taking my time with this one!! Ive been doing my own glass blog documenting the work I do in a Scottish Restoration Studio along with my own work. Have a look it may interest you… Looking forward to reading more of your posts.

  5. chuck young says:

    I really enjoyed meeting you in November at the Carolina Designer Crafts show.

    Your recent post about little glass houses brought to mind this friend of mine, enjoy!


  6. Ann Oosthuizen says:

    Oh wow. Thank you.I got your address from someone called Stephanie on Etsy . I can’t wait for Monday. Have a great time adventuring.


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