Michael Curry Table Tops

Today I am looking at 2 glass table tops by New York artist, Michael Curry.  I wrote about the beautiful mosaics that Michael makes back in November, 2011.  I think Michael is a genius when it comes to color and pattern.

According to Michael he did these table tops a while ago.  I don’t know how I missed them before.  I’m sure it was because I was totally zeroed in on his mosaic wall art.  Michael says “Inspired by the work of Frank Lloyd Wright, these table tops can be mounted on Plexi-glass or wood.”

Glass Table Top, Michael Curry

Glass Table Top, Michael Curry

Glass Table Top, Michael Curry

Glass Table Top, Michael Curry

Michael tells me that he has been so busy with his new work that he hasn’t had time to update his website.  New projects will be posted soon so make sure you check back on his website often.

A Thank You…

Many thanks for all of your kind thoughts and comments for my dog, Buddy.  Buddy came through the procedure on Friday with flying colors.  I’d publish the after photo, but I’m sure you are eating your breakfast and it’s not a pretty sight to see.

The funniest part was my bringing him home and trying to get all 88 lbs. of sedated Buddy out of the car, up the stairs to the porch and into the house.  I thought I WAS GOING TO NEED A PROCEDURE after all of that!  It’s a good thing we live in a rural area because I’m sure if anyone was watching the whole thing would have been a viral YouTube video by now.  In the end we made it and he is back to being my constant companion and good buddy. xx


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My name is Patricia Linthicum and I love design. Join me in the exploration of glass used in interior design and architecture.
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3 Responses to Michael Curry Table Tops

  1. Cynthia Syfert says:

    Do you know what provided stability to this gorgeous table top?

  2. Wow, these Curry tabletops are irresistible! Where can I get one? Its made completely out of stained glass, its gorgeous and unique.

    -Solomon Berkovitch

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