Contemporary Stained Glass Door Panels

Today I am looking at the adorable Spring & Autumn contemporary stained glass door panels made by UK glass artist, Flora Jamieson.  I have been a fan of Flora’s work for quite some time.

I read Flora’s blog, Through the Round Window,  yesterday and knew right away that I wanted to share.  It’s what I call a “gasp” moment.  It’s when your heart starts beating fast and you know that you are looking at perfection.

I asked Flora if I could share her story and she kindly agreed.  Here is the story of the door panels in Flora’s own words:

The doors lead to two girls’ bedrooms – the elder daughter was born in October and the younger daughter has a May birthday – hence the Autumn/Spring theme.
We discussed various options for the subject matter and in the end Lisa chose a couple of my existing designs which would be worked into full size panels.
I wanted the windows to look a bit like picture book illustrations (both girls had already chosen Quentin Blake fabric for their curtains) and the colours tie-in with those in the rooms.

Singing Bird, Spring, Contemporary Stained Glass Panel, Flora Jamieson

Acorn, Autumn, Contemporary Stained Glass Panel, Flora Jamieson

Singing Bird Stained Glass Panel In The Bedroom Door, Flora Jamieson

Acorn Stained Glass Panel In The Bedroom Door, Flora Jamieson

Singing Bird Door Panel Bedroom View, Flora Jamieson

Contemporary Stained Glass Door Panels For Both Bedrooms, Flora Jamieson

All I can say is those girls are SO LUCKY!  Congratulations Flora on a job well done.

UPDATE:  CLICK HERE to visit Flora’s Etsy shop:

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