Antique Mirrors, Love or Hate?

Today I am admiring antique mirrors.  Do you love or hate them?  Recently, I seem to be noticing them quite a bit.  I’m not sure if it is a design trend or that I’m just starting to pay attention to them.  What are the advantages of using antique mirror?  Softer light reflection, for one.  With antique mirror you get the reflecting properties of mirror without the glare.  Also, with the distressed patina, food and water spatters won’t cause a cleaning panic!  Here are a few antique mirror options for you.

How about as a room divider/screen?

A Four-Panel Old and Distressed Mirrored ScreenFrance
Circa 1930’s
So many details to this beauty. Starting with the mirror on mirror wainscoat, diamond shape design bottom half, faux marble finish on the base. Each tile features its own distressed beauty over the years (you can see separation from the mercury foil from the glass throughout).
Gustavo Olivieri Antiques, 1stdibs

Take a closer look at the details.

How about an antique mirror bathroom wall?

Photo via imagine

Or, maybe in a kitchen?

photo via Tracery Interiors

photo via Design Musing

Perhaps, a dining room wall?  The mirror on a mirror wall is a nice touch.

photo via Tracery Interiors

And finally, how about the bedroom?

Photo via Fauxology

Do you love or hate antique mirror?  How would you use it?


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My name is Patricia Linthicum and I love design. Join me in the exploration of glass used in interior design and architecture.
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2 Responses to Antique Mirrors, Love or Hate?

  1. Regina says:

    I love antique mirrors — in all patinas. I especially like them with a nice bevel or in panels with rosettes. Thank you for the beautiful post and mention!

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